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PET DOC apps are focused on providing mobile solutions for the Veterinary Industry tailored specifically to your business.

To subscribe your business to other pet apps on the market, you can pay an annual fee just to go on a list! Whoever downloads the app is not guaranteed to even notice that you are on that list and can easily select your competitor as their preferred vet!!

Your Pet Doc app will only have your details imbedded in to it. When clients make an appointment, they will be making it with you!

As the owner of a veterinary business, I know that it is a hard industry to be in. Overheads are high and profits are low. We have to work hard to get our customers to even come through the door and many vet businesses put nearly as much time in to marketing as they do in to caring for animals. So I started looking around for an app that I could promote to my clients that would be a useful tool for both them and me.

I wanted an app that would;

  1. Promote my business
  2. Provide push notifications to my clients about their pets’ reminders (I wonder how often my reminder letters get thrown out with yesterday’s newspapers!)
  3. Make it extremely easy for clients to make appointments (I figured if clients got a reminder on their phone and could make an appointment straight away with little hassle, by pushing only a few buttons, it would help to eliminate the ‘put it off until I forget’ problem we all suffer from occasionally!) and
  4. Compete in the ever increasing online market by directing my clients to buy their flea and worming products to my online store!

But I couldn’t find an app that even came close to providing these things!

With our specific focus on the Veterinary Industry, Pet Doc Apps provides the necessary features and functionality that you will need to make your app a successful marketing tool. A well constructed application will allow a small business to successfully expand their presence into the mobile market, correlating to a direct increase in revenue.

Mobile applications are the next frontier of marketing for businesses and the industry is predicted to sky rocket by over 1000% in the next three years to a 56 billion dollar market (Gartner Group).

A Pet Doc app will;

  • Add value to your existing product offerings
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Provide a needed service to your clients & attract new clients
  • Establish your veterinary business as a cutting edge technology company

“Mobile marketing is the most powerful media ever invented.” – New York Times

How can I grow my company with a PET DOC App?

Mobile is the fastest growing industry in history. Establishing yourself early with a mobile solution for your clinic or hospital will;

  • help retain existing customers
  • attract new customers
  • provide them with reminders about their pet’s health
  • prompt them to easily convert these notifications in to appointments. differentiate your company from your competition
  • be a constant reminder to your clients of your business

How do you market a PET DOC app to your clients?

It is really important to get the word out there about your app. Successful marketing tools that other businesses have used to promote their Pet Doc app include;

  • roadside signage (see pic)
  • local newspaper stories about your app
  • stickers on bags of dog food, invoices and newsletters
  • inclusion in your newsletter
  • counter ‘spring’ signs
  • training staff to download and set up the app for clients (usually during a nurse consult)

You can either provide your own marketing tools or we can organise this for you!

What are some of the features that my Pet Doc app will include?

For a mobile app to remain on a client’s phone, it must be useful to them. A PET DOC app will keep customers informed about their pet and your business by;

  • Giving turn-by-turn GPS directions from anywhere in the world to your business
  • Gathering email addresses of customers – helping you to build your newsletter!
  • Integrating with a local ‘Lost and Found’ page on Facebook
  • Sending push notifications directly to clients’ phones about reminders for vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, heartworm injections etc
  • Making it very easy for clients to convert these notifications in to appointments
  • Providing for multiple pets, including the option to add photos.

How much does it cost?

By now, you are probably thinking – I could build my own app specifically for my business! YOU SURE CAN! However, have you got the time to put in to it? Having designed this app, I can tell you that it will take the good part of a year from initial design concepts, to finding a good computer guy to build it, testing it, fixing it, redesigning it… the list goes on! And having an app built is not cheap. A quality app like the PetDoc app will cost upwards of $10k.

For $80 /month (paid annually) and an initial setup fee of $400 (which includes listing your app in the Apple app store), we will provide you with an app that is tailored specifically to your business. It will prompt and direct clients to use your services and will be a constant reminder of your business to your clients.

If you think about it, this app only needs to bring in two extra vaccinations per month to pay for itself!

This sounds awesome! How do you get started?

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